SNARRK is founded on the principles ethics matter, that confidentiality is the cornerstone of our community, and that no matter how you describe what it is that we do, it should always be fun. SNAARK is open to everyone in the BDSM Lifestyle regardless of orientation, gender, or identification.  The group events are private invitation only gatherings. 

Please note that membership in the group does not authorize you to bringing guests to SNARRK events.  Members who wish to bring guests can contact the Dicktater, Todd, and request guest approval.  We do not intend to sound snarky with this rule and generally if we know you and you say “so and so is a cool cat” we will be glad to add them to the guest list. However, we highly value our privacy and will not find it acceptable for anyone to give our address out without our express prior consent.

We hope that those of you who have been in the community for a while recognize that there are many all welcome venues in our area.  SNARRK is not seeking to be that type of group, but rather we intend for this to remain a close knit group of folks that respect privacy and one another.

What to expect at a SNARRK event:

SNARRK parties are fetish lifestyle play parties. We have a living room area and an outdoor smoking area where folks can hang out and chit chat.  No one is expected to ‘do’ anything in particular at a party.  No one is going to demand that you play or be naked or bark like a dog.  If and when you do choose to do any or all of those things, we will not provide you with a score card or critical review.  Everyone is allowed to be who and what they choose to be while in our home. So long as you aren’t committing acts of a non-consentual nature we are happy to let you let your freak flag flap.

We generally have some form of unusual porn for which we have become rather notorious.  Bringing a snack to share is considered good etiquette but not required.  We usually provide ice, soda, coffee, and paper products.  Cleaning up after yourself makes you way sexy and potentially earns you a SNARRKy badge.

There are many things we can each do with our time.  If you choose to spend some of your time with us, we are honored and hope you find it was worthwhile endeavor.


Todd & elizabeth
Founders of SNARRK