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January 2012 News

Choose Your Own Adventure

This was a fantastic gathering of nearly all our favorite folks.  The food was really amazing.  People out did themselves. There was homemade chicken salad in a bread bowl, diced prosciutto, wine, cheese, fruit, Buffalo wings, and all sorts of other yummy goodness.

As a group we took a moment to honor one of our own with a special champagne toast and chocolate cake. Congratulations to Master Obsidian for being awarded the Southwest Leather Conference Leatherman's Heart Award 2012. We are so lucky to have him right here in our local community.

As the evening went on, folks chit-chatted, enjoyed watching Buck Angel be sexy in the porn, and played throughout the house. All the equipment was used at least once. Glowy happy bottoms wandered around with thousand yard stares and big grins on their faces. Tops looked pretty much the same except much more dominating (of course) while wearing their own big goofy grins.

Late in the evening, we were honored to witness dear friends embark on a journey into lip suturing that was blazing hot and super terrifying all at once.

Over all it was likely one of our best gatherings to date! Thank you all who attended for making it really special.

Party quotes:

"Are my lips very swollen?"
"He's being a bitch."
"I could die happy eating this!"

Yours in leather,


August 2011 News

August Party Report: Hunka Hunka of Burning Sub

August in Texas has provided us with the glorious gift of really fucking hot weather. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like hot things, but damn, a record breaking number of 100+ days is a bit much. In order to celebrate the wonders of sweating even in the shower, we decided to host a heat themed party. The heat certainly carried the night!

The day started with what Daddy has declared a “SNARRK Central miracle!” Five amazing SNARRKers turned out to help clean and prep for the party. They came and busted their asses one and all to ensure that everything was ready to go. Not only was the house ready by 2:30, but also they stayed a while and we enjoyed the chance to visit and carry on with really good friends in a relaxed, stress free, clean house. It truly touched both Daddy and I that people care enough about the group and us as a couple to chip in.

Then, as though that wasn’t already enough, in through our door came the parade of yummy treats as the party got started. There were all sorts of sweet treats including an amazing homemade tiramisu, freshly baked from scratch cake, and homemade peanut butter fudge. Folks even brought protein! Holy crap, right? No one ever brings protein, but bring it they did! There was a lovely sandwich tray and crisped bread topped with smoked salmon and dill egg salad. Well done you sexy, sexy cooks!

The tradition of horrifying porn continued with great success, if we do say so ourselves. The hairy ladies porn especially tipped folks over. Nothing says “well done Todd” better than one of our most perverted friends being dumb struck and unable to peel his eyes away as the lady on-screen combed her thighs. Her grooming the inch and a half long thick black rug she had growing from nearly every part of her is a sight I shall sadly never be able to truly forget, but the look on our friend’s face priceless!

Once the gathered had suffered enough, we were all excited and relieved when Master Obsidian and slave namaste mercifully began their demo. The demo was absolutely outstanding. Fire play has never held much interest for me, but hearing Master Obsidian discuss it and then watching the dancing blue flames wrap lusciously around all of namaste’s curves was indeed enough to make all of us believers. Thank you is not adequate but we do indeed thank them both for coming and sharing with us.
In addition to being dazzling to watch, the demo had the added effect of making everyone present ready to play. The equipment was well used and there were endorphins in everyone’s dilated pupils for next few hours.

Finally, as the last of the people began to leave, another miracle ensued! Several folks stayed and helped break down the play equipment and clean up! Wow. Just wow. The party was a real pleasure to host due to the hard work of the members of SNARRK. Thank you.

Famous Quotes of the Evening:

“I can’t look away.”
“You should see me (cleaning) when a femdom is standing over me.”; “That can be arranged.”
“If you look like those girls in that video, this will help.” – referring to the application of fire to the flesh and how it removes body hair.
“How is she going to get that thing in there?” – You don’t want to know.
“I don’t know about using that in there, you are going to raise some sort of evil spirits.” – referring to the insertion of some sort of really large primitive African wooden statue of unknown origin.
“I think it burned hotter because I had body lotion on….it was awesome!”
“Heat rises, and that’s a very good thing.”

September 2010 News

September Party Report: Shut Your Dog Whore Mouth!

It was a dark and stormy night…. Well, ok not really.  It was a pretty evening without rain, but all the cool stories start with that dark and stormy thing and damn it…this month’s party was very cool.  The event turned out to be one of our best parties yet.  There weren’t too many folks, there weren’t too few.  There were some new friends made, some old friends snuggled.  SNARRKy Scouts awarded several badges (now let the competition begin in earnest…Wheee). Special thank you to the couple that arrived early to help with set up, they made the whole night more enjoyable for Daddy and I.

Porn Selections:

Freaks 3 (including blow jobs are better with the dentures out)
More Bang for Your Buck (Starring Buck Angel)
Forced to Lactate 7 (They made 6 already? Just wow.)

Random highlights for those of you that missed it:

Blow dart play…are we cool or what?
Pumpkin bread that was divine
A big hell ya to the dog mask and electrical play
Yummy bouncing booty dance, still drooling!
Daddy’s face when he walked into the master bathroom unaware it was already occupied
Satan reigning over the whole gathering until he was smitten with the new love of his life
Lots of laughter and good conversations

Favorite quotes:

“I had no idea she could dance like that, I think I just came.”
“It's the lumpy head that gets me”
“I don’t mean to be rude, but is she a little person?”
“No more ten-second rule!”


Todd and elizabeth

August 2010 News

Our little group has been busy.  We hosted the first official SNARRK party in May and have had a party each month since. The parties have been very enjoyable for us.  We think they have been enjoyed by those who have attended based on the kind little “thank you” notes we often receive. Then again, who the hell is going to take the time to write you a “no thank you” note after a party they hated, right? 

In months past we have featured some truly awe inspiring porn.  Who can forget the much beloved “Cue Balls” or the delicate fine art film “The Art of the Cum Fart”? If you missed them, cry yourself to sleep and think of us.

The July “Mind Fuck” party featured the fabulous artistry of KinkyCakeLady who made a human cake.  She is a talented and awesome person and the ‘cake’ was a very nice guy as well.  We had lots of folks we didn’t know come as guests of our friends and some very cool people who were entirely new to the kink scene.  It was fun to torture new attendees with our terrible porns of doom, though I have to acknowledge, I am not as sadistic as Daddy and so I felt compelled at one point to tell a new guest “Just so you know, we don’t really like this porn, it is intentionally meant to freak people out.”  Daddy just snickered in his usual way.

August will not be a party month for us.  We have some vanilla world things happening and so we will meet again in September.  As soon we pick the date, we will post it to the fetlife group “Society for North Austin Round Rock Kink” and send out a SNARRK mailing list announcement.  We are currently considering what theme we will use in September.  If you have suggestions, let us know.  We are leaning toward “Shut Your Dog Whore Mouth!” but I am not sure how to decorate for that.