The 14 Commandments of SNARRK Central
(AKA Party Rules)

Below are the rules for most SNARRK parties. However, the rules may change depending on the party location, theme, or our mood. To get the latest rules for any particular party, be sure to check your RSVP response or the latest party announcement.

  1. Everyone has to be no less than 18 years old. If we don’t know you fairly well, and you look like you might be less than 25 years old, you will have to show a picture ID. We don’t want to see the name or ID number, just the birth date and the picture. If you are carded and don’t have a valid picture ID, you will be asked to leave the property immediately.
  2. Don’t give out the address to the party location.  If someone wants to attend, and does not know where the party is, ask them to RSVP to   
  3. Please notify the hosts before you start any scene involving, or likely to involve, blood or fire play. Not only do we want to ensure everyone's safety, we will also probably want to watch.
  4. No loud screaming. If the neighbors hear it, it can cause problems all of us would prefer to avoid.
  5. No cameras or photographs are allowed except those taken with the hosts permission.
  6. No naked asses on our furntiture.
  7. No drinking to excess. No one should attempt to leave the party (as a driver) if they may be legally drunk.
  8. No guns or illegal drugs. Do not possess any guns or illegal drugs on my property, this includes inside your car while it's parked on my property.
  9. All of our animals except stray bugs you find outside are vanilla. Fuck with the bugs all you like, but remember our animals cannot negotiate, so don't fuck with them.
  10. Smoking is allowed in the back yard only. Because people standing in the backyard are visible, please wear appropriate attire.
  11. During the party, do not make any proposition for lifestyle or sexual services to be reimbursed monetarily, by "tribute", or any other thinly veiled sort of transaction. If anyone makes such a proposition of you, or if you overhear such a proposition, please let the hosts know immediately.
  12. The Party Safeword is "RED". If anyone says "RED" while playing and the scene does not immediately halt, please notify the hosts at once.
  13. Remember that everyone is unique, just like you. We all play differently. Face slapping, crying, marking, cutting, bruising, and any other of a variety of seemingly 'edgy' actions may occur. If you are freaked out by something, don't interrupt a scene. Instead come and get your hosts. We will help ensure the safety of the players...not the safety of your sensibilities.
  14. And, of course, all the commonsense rules of polite behavior apply: "No" means "No"; no touching without permission; don't interrupt another scene for any reason; cleanup after yourself (with regard to play and otherwise); the identities and activities of everyone at the party must be considered strictly confidential; don't damage the house or anything in it. If anyone is bothering you in any way during the party, please bring it to the hosts' attention at once.